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ULV spraying is a well-established spraying technique and remains the standard method of mosquito control with pesticides. It has also been used in massive aerial spraying campaigns against disease vectors such as the tse-tse fly.

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Sub slab injectors are used to force termiticide into holes along the external foundation walls to the fill underneath in to the soil below ground floor slab.

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Bug Murderer Pest Management pest control provide a wide range of pest control services for commercial and residential clients. We are considered one of Philippine's leading pest control companies with offices in Pasay, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu and Surigao . Our exterminators deal with control of all types of pests from Termite Control, Rat Control, Mice Control, Wasps, Bed Bugs Control, Mosquito control, Cockroach control to name but a few. We offer our customers an affordable and effective service. Our fully trained staff can provide you with a personal service and advice every step of the way.

Our business is based on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity and strong customer relationships. Our goal is to provide every customer with an effective, economical and professional service.​

Residential customers

Having pests in your home is more than an inconvenience – they can pose a serious health risk to you, your children, your pets and can cause damage to your home. Whether you have Termites, Rats, Mice, Ants, Wasps, Cockroaches, Bed bugs, Cockroaches or any other type of uninvited guests in your home, we can help you.

Business customers

The presence of any pests in a business can be embarrassing and has the potential of leading to the loss of current and potential customers. Bug Murderer Pest Management Pest Control can offer you a proactive approach to your pest control needs. ​Regardless of your business type you can’t risk a pest control problem. We offer a discreet and professional service to all our clients.

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