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CDO Pest Control

Cagayan de Oro Pest Control and Termite Control

Whether your property is residential or commercial, Bug Murderer Pest Management - Cagayan de Oro provides industry-leading solutions to keep pests away. Our pest control services provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance, and responsiveness to give you piece of mind. No matter the pest, Bug Murderer Pest Management - Cagayan de Oro specialists will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. From different types of fumigation treatments to residual disinfection, pre-construction protection services and more, we are here to ensure that your commercial and residential properties remain pest-free.

Courteous, Educated, Dedicated Technicians

Bug Murderer Pest Management Pest Control CDO courteous Pro's get ongoing education & training for the KNOWLEDGE, tools & EXPERIENCE to effectively control termites and pests around your home or office. Live termite and pest-free with services from the pest control experts at Bug Murderer Pest Management Pest Control CDO. Delivering precise, targeted pest control services with specialized products and equipment to CONTROL & PREVENT pest problems at their source! Advanced products with no odor, very low toxicity, and specialized equipment give us the precision needed to control pests - without effecting your family & pets. Providing effective pest control in CDO for termites, spiders, roaches, ticks, mosquitos, bed bugs, flies, rats & other pests. Join 1000's of Happy Customers living Pest FREE in Cagayan de Oro GUARANTEED!

Termite damage can devalue a home by more than 25%. If you find your home infested with destructive termites, you want someone you can trust to quickly restore your sense of comfort and safety. At Bug Murderer Pest Management Pest Control CDO, our termite treatment plans are tailored specifically for your particular needs. Plus, our termite treatment specialists understand they need to know which species of termite is involved and provide the effective treatment to get rid of termites. Spotting termites is difficult to the untrained eye, until the damage is considerable and expensive. In order to prevent termite damage to your home or property, contact Bug Murderer Pest Management Pest Control CDO today for a property inspection and estimate. Bug Murderer Pest Management Pest Control CDO provides termite control methods that combat termites so you can feel safe at your property. Our Sentricon termite monitoring service includes treatment and prevention - it utilizes soil-based bait stations that are positioned around your structure’s perimeter. The stations are monitored in order to identify any termite activity. When termite workers take in the bait, they also pass it to other termites in the colony, which gets rid of the colony. We use the Sentricon Above Ground bait station in places where observable termite activity is present. This station is put on places like the wall or floorboard in order to give the termites faster access to the bait. 



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Don’t take a chance. Call in the experts in termite inspection, control and prevention. We are Bug Murderer Pest Management Pest Control CDO and you can fill in our online contact form or call us at 0928.582.3333 to schedule an appointment.

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