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Ant Control


As much as we love them, ants can become an unwanted pest when they find their way into our homes or businesses. They are intelligent and fascinating but sometimes their attraction to human food brings them too close to humans and this is where the problem begins. Ants are difficult to get rid of with DIY products just because these products do not target the ant problem at it’s s root. At Bug Murderer Pest Management Control we focus on the root cause of ant infestations and we know exactly how to get rid of ants for good without using hazardous chemicals that could harm your family, pets or the environment. If you have an ant issue and are looking for a guaranteed solution that will surely get rid of ants from your home or business, call Bug Murderer Pest Control today for our lowest price ant extermination quote.

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Ants may be interested in entering your home because they are attracted to its warmth and the food that may be available in the house. The first thing you can do to get rid of ants is find out where they enter the property of yours so you can take adequate measures to make sure you eliminate this entry passage for them. Cornmeal is known to kill ants who can’t digest it and if one of the ants carries it to the Queen she will be dead too. This works in some cases and in others it doesn’t, providing only a temporary respite to the issue of ants in your house. Making sure you try other things is there for important. Ants don’t like smelly things so you can try leaves of basil and ground cinnamon to repel them.

If you need professional support then you need to rely on the help of highly qualified professionals to take you through the issues you are having in your home and help you get rid of the problem without causing damage to your property and wasting your time trying natural ‘remedies’. So call our number and let’s start our collaboration to keep your house ant-free.

Ant Control & Removal Extermination Experts

Bug Murderer Pest Control is the best ant control solution to ant problems. Whether you’re having issues with carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants or any other variety – our trained techs will find the main nest, satellite nests, track the queen and exterminate your ant problem. We have been removing ants for the past 9 years across the Greater Philippines Area, including ILoilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Calabarzon and Surigao and more. Our service is fast and efficient, contact us today to get a resolution immediately.

When you live close to the natural habitat of ants you can get your house contaminated by them and it may be a good idea to call a professional specialist for help with this issue. It is important to look at different ways of getting rid of the problem and research your options.

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